Go to Uganda

African Promise Foundation is excited to announce African Promise Expeditions. APE is a separate company from African Promise Foundation. Making the separation allows our volunteer groups to do a larger variety of activities in Uganda, including educational, cultural and recreational activities.

Each year APE takes volunteers to serve in Northern Uganda. This is a trip of a lifetime and you will opportunities to see and do things that most people will never have the chance to do. It is meant for volunteers to learn as well as serve. These trips can be life changing! We typically take 1-2 groups per year that consist of 10-20 men, women and teens. Trips are approximately 2 weeks.

We are proud to be partnering with Days for Girls for our upcoming trip!  Check them out to see what they do! We will incorporate their menstrual kits and education curriculum about health and hygiene, in the hopes that no girl will be without essential hygiene supplies.

What a Volunteer Expedition IS

A volunteer expedition is an opportunity for you to have a cultural exchange with some of the most beautiful people in the world. Although it’s a service expedition, we find that volunteers come home with the feelings that “they” have been helped. Going on a trip definitely changes the way you look at the world. Africa has a way of cracking your heart wide open and often brings out your best self through serving others!

Examples of Things A Volunteer Might Do:

  • Teaching music, art, recreation, hygiene, first aid, and HIV/AIDS awareness to children and adults
  • Visiting prisons and educating on health and hygiene
  • Simple construction projects such as building a hut
  • Basic first aid (as needed)
  • Teaching square foot gardening
  • Teaching basic nutrition to mothers and caregivers
  • Distributing menstrual kits and teaching girls/ladies about hygiene and health
  • Playing with children
  • Taking disabled children swimming
  • Teaching English or School classes
  • Working together with community members on projects such as painting, building rocket stoves etc
  • Meeting and working with APF beaders

What a Volunteer Expedition is NOT

  • A vacation
  • A quick fix, the solution to poverty.

*Next trip scheduled for June 2015

Please visit African Promise Expeditions for more information.