Sponsor A Student

For just $35 per month, or $420 per year you can pay for education, room and board for a vulnerable child. We rely on generous donations to sponsor these children.  In addition proceeds from the sale of African Promise Beads help provide school fees, room and board for our students. All of the students have been affected by the former war, therefore many of them missed critical years of education. We are proud of our  students who have the desire to get their education. To donate, please visit our donations page and sign up for reoccurring donations or make a one time contribution.  You will receive a photo, biography, and yearly updates.

A Few of Our Sponsored Students

Anna Maria Atto

DOB: March 21st 1994 – 17 Years
Mother: Abalo Jackline, Deceased
Father: Lapyem Vincent, Deceased
School: Gulu College Secondary School, Level S1
Atoo Anna Maria was born on 21/3/1994 from Awach in Gulu District. Both parents, Lapyem Vincent and Abalo Jackline died of HIV/AIDS in 1998. The family was living in Awach Internal Displaced Camp due to the insurgency in Northern Uganda. They left behind four children and Anna was the youngest. She was cared for by Saint Jude’s Orphanage from 1998 up to 2010. In 2010 she was reunited with her sister at Cerleno, Gulu.

Anna Maria is a beautiful young lady. I met her and reviewed her previous primary school records. She is very excited about the opportunity to attend Gulu College S1. St Jude’s Orphanage will support Anna by providing for her school requirements (cement, brooms, mattresses, books, paper, and uniforms) and they will provide her an opportunity to earn a little money during school breaks by working at the orphanage.

Eunice Labol

Age: 16
School: Gulu Crested Crane SS, Level S2
My Brief History (Background)

First of all I would like to thank the All Mighty God for giving me life up to now. I am a Ugandan by Nationality, Acholi by Tribe, and 16 by age. I stay in Obiya Highland, Bwobo Village. I am born in 1995 from my village Bwobo and am a total orphan. Both of my parents were killed by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA Lukwena). I was left with my grandmother, my step mum and my uncle. My step mum was left with 5 children and I was staying with my uncle who was struggling with paying my school fees. When I sat for my primary leaving exams (PLE), I scored the following marks: English 3,Math 6,Science 7,SST 2,Total: 18.

From there, I joined Gulu Crested Crane Secondary School in senior one. In 2010, during the first term holidays when my uncle went digging to the garden, he was bitten by a snake. They took him to the hospital. He stayed a week and he died. I am left with my grandmother who is very old and cannot afford to pay my fees. I stayed home for 3 weeks without going to school. I started to feel as if I am to die, but one day I said “In God’s name, nothing is impossible!”. I used to pray in St. Michaeld church Obiya (I am a born again Christian).

One day I went to church. I found one of my friends and she told me that I should go to St. Jude’s Orphanage and that they will help me. On Monday, I decided to come, and when I came, they welcomed me in a good way as Jesus was welcomed in Jerusalem. Now I really appreciate what has happened in my life, which I was not even thinking that it will happen. I am now in Senior 2 and my interest is to become a pastor and doctor in the future. I really, really appreciate you very much for what you are doing. This is my brief history. Thanks, Labol Eunice

Flavia Ajalo

DOB: November 4th, 1997 13 Years
Mother: Anyeko Santa, Deceased
Father: Ocaya Paul, Disabled
School: Gulu College Level S!

Ajalo Flavia lost her mother in 2008 from Kalango in Pader. The mother had divorced the husband in 2005 for unknown reasons, but some people associate the divorce to poverty. The father of Flavia, one Ocaya Paul is a disabled person who depends on support from Good Samaritans. Flavia is the fourth born of six children in the family. All of the children have not had a chance to go to school except Flavia, who is being supported by her Aunt. Now that she has passed to join Secondary School (not free), the Aunt is not able to meet the fees.

Flavia is a hard working young lady. I met her and reviewed her previous primary school records. She knows she has to work very hard at Gulu College to do well. Flavia comes to us from St Jude’s Orphanage, and they will support her by providing for her school requirements (cement, brooms, mattresses, books, paper, and uniforms) and they will provide her an opportunity to earn a little money during school breaks by working at the orphanage. Flavia is a happy person because of African Promise!

George Oloya

School: Gulu Central High School, Level S5

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a total orphan aged 19 whose parents died of HIV/aids several years back. Since then I, together with my two siblings have been looked after by my grandmother who is too old and cannot afford the cost of our education.

When I joined Sir Samuel Baker School in 2006, the Acholi Bursery scheme through Windle Trust took over my school fees for senior one to senior four, but then it stranded everyone.

I tried brick making to support my education, but this didn’t work out well, yet I want to study up to University and become a lawyer or social worker in order to secure a better future for myself.

At school I have been a hardworking and disciplined student because my faith in God does not allow me to engage in unproductive activities which can ruin my future.

I therefore appeal to any well wishers to be kind to me and support my education. I will be grateful and wont disappoint him or her. Thanks,

Yours Faithfully, Oloya George

Simple Piloya

DOB: April 4th, 1994 16 years
Mother: Atuo Elizabeth, Deceased
Father: Onen Can Lanyuru, Deceased
School: Graceland Secondary School Level S3

I am Piloya Simple. I lost my father in 2003 when I was in Primary one. He left my mother with 6 children. I am the oldest. Four years later my mother died. Both of them died of HIV. They left us with my grandmother who is a farmer. Before their death, they were keeping some money for us, but now the money is finished. I do not have any of my Uncle or Aunts. Now my grandmother is very old and there is no way of supporting us. All of my younger brothers and sisters are at home (not in school).

This is briefly about me.

Mercy Oyella

DOB: June 4th 1997, 13 Years
Mother: Aringo Beatrice, Housewife
Father: Odongo Walter, Deceased
School: Sacred Hearts Secondary School, Level S1

Mercy lost her father to HIV in 2005 when she was still in Primary three. The deceased left four children and Mercy was the eldest. The mother of the child, Aringo Beatrice, is HIV positive and is on medication. Mercy is being kept by her paternal uncle, one called Omara George, a security guard. Omara George lost three of his elder brothers during the war and he was left with nine orphans (his brother’s children) to care for, as well as his own six children. Omara George is supporting five children in secondary school but he has failed to provide for Mercy Oyella.

Mercy is a bright young lady. I met her and reviewed her previous primary school records. She is very excited about the opportunity to attend Sacred Hearts Academy S1. Mercy comes to us from St Jude’s Orphanage, and they will support her by providing for her school requirements (cement, brooms, mattresses, books, paper), uniforms, and they will provide her an opportunity to earn a little money during school breaks by working at the orphanage. Mercy’s life is indeed brighter today J!

Nancy Akwero

DOB: December 29,1995 15 Years
Mother: Adong Regina, Deceased
Father: Okettayot Joseph, Deceased
School: Stella Matutina Secondary School Level S-1M

Awero Nancy lost both parents when she was still very young. She could not recall the year her parents died. She was told that both parents committed suicide. She was brought up by her aunt, one Adong Regina at Bardege, Gulu. The couple left seven children and Nancy is the youngest. The rest of their children were brought up by the daughter of her aunt at Pabbo-Amuru. None of her siblings are going to school because of school fees.

I met Nancy and took her picture and reviewed her previous school records. Nancy is going to attend Stella Matutina Secondary school. Nancy is recommended to us by Saint Jude’s Orphanage, but Nancy has a brother that will support her by providing for her school requirements (cement, brooms, mattresses, books, paper, and uniforms), registration fees, and other miscellaneous costs.

Patrick Ocen

School: Gulu Crested Crane SS Level S2

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am Ugandan by nationality, Acholi by Tribe, Catholic by Religion, and 18 years old.I am an orphan whereby I lost both my mother and my father. They were killed by Kony rebels in the year 1997 at Peya Village. I am in senior two this year at Gulu Crested Crane High School, but my main problem is that no one is paying my school fees since 2008 when I was in Primary 7. I always struggle by myself looking for my school fees. In 2009 I would have been in S-1, but due to lack of money, I stayed at home for one year. I started digging to get a little money. Then in 2010 I started going back to school and started to study again. This year, 2011, I have not yet gone back to school because I have no money to pay for this term for my school fees. I would like to request your organization to put me under your scholarship scheme, because if not, I have to stay at home and look for the money and I may not go back to school until next year, 2012.

When I complete my studies, I would like to be a doctor in the future. I conclude by saying if my application is put under high consideration, I will be much happy. Thank you,

Sincerely, Ocen Patrick Oyat

Paul Nani Ocitti

DOB: August 24th, 1990 20 years
School: Gulu Alliance Adult High School Level S3

Paul Nani Ocitti, March 22, 2011

I am of Ugandan nationality, date of birth is August 24th, 1990 (20 years); Tribe Acholi and I am a resident of Laliya Parish in Bungatira sub-county, Aswa County in Gulu District.

I was the second born child in the family; we were five in the family. My life was so good when my father was still in existence on the Earth. Both of my parents were there, but during the insurgency in Northern Uganda, many children lost their parents and they became orphans. My life later turned from good to worse when my father was killed by Lord Resistance Army rebels in 1999 when I was still too young, on his way back from the village called Pebbo. Three years later, the rebel groups also got into the camp where we were and abducted so many people, but for me, it was a “narrow escape”. Since then, I don’t know where my mother is and I was left isolate. Later on, my Uncle took me to town to Grandfather and Grandmother, where I am currently living up to date. I started living as an orphan whereby I should work very hard to get some money to pay myself. No one is supporting me in the family.

Concerning my education, I sat my primary leaving examinations (PLE) in 2006 in Kulu-Opal P7 School and I got 14 aggregates (VERY good grades). In 2007 I joined Gulu senior school, but due to some domestic and financial problems, I dropped out of school and I stayed for two years at home. I got back to school (Alliance High School Adult Program) last year, 2010, with some little money I was saving. I managed to get my 2nd term results, but my 1st term and 3 term results are still detained in the office due to incomplete fees which I have not paid. (Paul is ranked #1 of 31 students in his class! He is now in Level S-3).

I am so much interested to study, but there is no way I could do to afford to pay my school fees. Even the grandparents are too old to support my studies as far as payment of fees is concerned. I have tried so many nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in Gulu, but I didn’t succeed anymore. I am even so stranded!! I feel so painful by the mistreatment from where I am living and last year it has also been affecting my studies; nevertheless, I don’t care about it. The school is too far from our home; it is about 3 miles away from home and I often foot to school with no means I could use.

I am a God fearing person and I love the Lord as God loves me too. This is briefly all I can tell you. So your positive response toward my studies shall be highly appreciated. Thank you, Ocitti Paul Nani

Paul Ocaya

DOB: 1989, 22 years
Mother: Rose Abwor, Deceased
Father: Michael Ochora, Deceased
School: Koch Goma Secondary School, Level S5

I am Ocaya Paul, a Ugandan born in 1989 in Kibuli Hospital. My mother and father whose name I have written above both died. My father died in an accident and my mother died during the war. From then on I was staying with my grandmother. I was getting support from my Uncle because he sold our land since there was no one to take care of us. The money was used mostly for me and my grandmother and some he used to take me to school when I started my Primary One and completed my Primary exams very well in 2005.

In 2006 he again sold another land because the money got finished. Then my Uncle decided to continue paying to a secondary school where I was able to study up to level 3.

From that time on, he was not able to push me ahead.

So I would like to request for help in all ways if someone could help me and I could complete my studies. Thank you. Sincerely, Ocaya Paul

Peter Rachkara

DOB: March 9th, 1992 18 Years
Mother: Adong, Lucy, Deceased
Father: Okwera Denis, Deceased
School: Kiryandongo Technical Institute Level S2

Peter Rachkara was born on March 9th, 1992 at Laminadera in Gulu District. His father was called Okwera Denis. He was killed by rebels in 1994 when he was coming from Kaminadera to Gulu town. The mother was called Adong Lucy. She died of HIV/AIDS in 2004. Rachkara was the only child born in his family. After the death of his mother, he was left under the care of his Aunt, one Apiyo Vilentina, a peasant farmer.

I met Peter and reviewed his previous school records. He is studying to become a mechanic. He appreciates the opportunity to continue his studies and has promised to make everyone proud of him and to make Uganda a better future. Peter comes to us from St Jude’s Orphanage, and they will support him by providing for his school requirements (cement, brooms, mattresses, books, paper, and uniforms).

Ronald Mwaka

DOB: 1994, 17 years
Father: Kamanyira Andrew, Deceased
Mother: Auma Beatrice, Deceased

School: Gulu Creamland Secondary School Level S4

Mwaka Ronald was born in 1994. The father was called Kamanyira Andrew and the mother was called Auma Beatrice. Both parents were poisoned to death over a land dispute. The father of the boy was believed to have originated from the neighboring district of Masindi and he acquired land in Gulu without consulting the total family where they settled. They left behind 4 children of which Ronald is the 3rd born. The three sisters of Ronald Mwaka dropped out of school because of lack of school fees. Mwaka now lives with his maternal Uncle, one Okwany Michael at Vanguard in Gulu. His younger sister, Lakica Sharon, 15 years, has also produced a child because of lack of care and guidance.

Scovia Auma Laker

DOB: August 12th, 1995 16 years
Mother: Atuku Jennifer, Deceased
Father: Nyeko Innocent, Deceased
School: Graceland Secondary School Level S3

I am Laker Scovia Auma. I lost my father to HIV in 2000 when I was in K1. My father left my mother with two children and me, so three children. My aunt, Auma Olga, started taking care of me, my sisters and my mother too. After two years, my mother escaped away from us and went away. We were left with my Aunt. My Uncle started paying my elder sister’s school fees and my studies got spoilt from K2. My Aunt taking care of us is now very weak and is jobless. She is HIV positive and is on medication. My mother died last year in Bombo on the 22nd of December 2010. She had stayed in Bombo for seven solid years without coming to see us and came back when she was dying. The result of her death is not clearly known and she was buried by her brothers. My Aunt decided to take us and see her dead body before burial. The death of my mother and my father leave me to be a total orphan. This is my experience in my life.

Simon Peter Oonyu

DOB: February 1st, 1996 15 years
Mother: Akurut Joyce, Deceased
Father: Angobi Silver, Peasant Farmer
School: Sir Samuel Baker SS Level: S-1

Simon Peter lost his mother in 2005 from Lacor Hospital in Gulu. He had brought the sick mother to Lacor hospital for treatment, but unfortunately the mother, one Joyce Akurut died; leaving Simon also very sick of cancer. Simon was later referred to Mulago Hospital in Kampala for further medical treatment. Since there was nobody to attend to him, the child was brought to St Judes Orphanage for care and protection while he gets treatment from Mulago. St Jude supported his Primary education as well, but now Simon needs to join secondary School if he is to continue with his studies.

I met Simon and took his picture and reviewed his previous school records. Simon Peter is going to attend Sir Samuel Baker Boarding School. Simon Peter comes to us from St Jude’s Orphanage, and they will support him by providing for his school requirements (cement, brooms, mattresses, books, paper, and uniforms), registration fees, and other miscellaneous costs.